We will gladly  bill your insurance as a courtesy .  The agreement of payment is between you and your insurance company, not between the clinic and your insurance company. We will assist you as we can. Your account is ultimately your responsibility.  Your insurance company will notify you of your "explanation of benefits".  Please make sure the information we have for billing is accurate! There are time requirements for filing. Several Insurances require prescriptions or Pre-Authorizations ...We can help you with that... Note: Having Insurance is not always a guarantee that they will pay, deductables need to be met and they have to okay medical necessity.  
Moda, BC of Alaska, BC of Texas , KPBSD , United Health care all require some sort of authorization from your insurance company.  Let us know please 
Thank you   


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Soldotna Chiropractic & Upper Cervical 

Health care Transparency 

This notice is being posted in accordance with AS 18.23.400. Disclosure and reporting of health care services, prices, and fee information transparency. Effective December 20, 2020 and until further notice, Soldotna Chiropractic Clinic charges the following undiscounted fees for the listed health care services:  SEE THE LIST BELOW
The undisco​unted prices listed below may be higher than the amount an individual pays for the health care services described.“You will be provided with an estimate of the anticipated charges for your nonemergency care upon request. Please do not hesitate to ask for information.”
Soldotna Chiropractic is contracted with most insurance companies in-network as a preferred provider. When in contract, we agree to a fee schedule that is often reduced from our undiscounted fees. 
We  offer a Cash patient member program called ChiroHealthUSA or CHUSA. ( This member program discounts our fees for our cash patients or to those who have very high deductibles. 

The in-network insurances include:

These  networks have their own Fee schedule
Aetna                                                     BlueCross Blue Shield    
Meritain                                               Moda  and Humana
Cigna                                                     United Health Care/ UMR
Veteran’s Administration            Medicare and Denali Kid Care
ChiroHealth (CHUSA) USA
UNDISCOUNTED FEE SCHEDULE- Please call if you have any questions.

Billing Code           Description                                                 Fee
99202      New Patient Focused exam                             $110.00
99203       New Patient Expanded Exam                        $180.00
99211       Established Patient Minimal Exam              $  80.00
99212       Established Patient Focused Exam            $110.00
98940       Chiropractic Adjustment 1-2 Regions     $   75.00
98941       Chiropractic Adjustment 3-4 Regions     $   75.00
97124        Massage Therapy per unit                             $   75.00
97110        Therapeutic Ex  per unit                                  $   75.00
97140        Manual therapy/Myofascial /unit               $   75.00

                          EStim or Cold laser treatment /unit       $  40.00