We will gladly  bill your insurance as a courtesy .  The agreement of payment is between you and your insurance company, not between the clinic and your insurance company. We will assist you as we can. Your account is your responsibility.  Please make sure the information we have for billing is accurate!  Several Insurances require prescriptions or Pre-Authorizations ...We can help you with that...
Moda, BC of Alaska, BC of Texas , KPBSD.  Let us know please

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Insurance payments/coverage has been changing. Be aware of policy changes.

Forms for Appointments

If you are a new patient or haven't been in for over a year,  please fill out the New Patient form  and click submit.

If this is an injury due to an auto accident , Workers Comp or other injury ,Please let us know for additional forms to fill out at the clinic. As a courtesy we will bill your insurance.

In all situations please bring in your insurance cards or Auto or Workers Comp information.

Please read the information above about insurance.

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